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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Thanks for stopping by to experience the online world of Jeffrey Leever, writer and author. The suspense/mystery novels The University and Dark Friday are now available at retailers everywhere...


    Ah, college life at Tremont University. A place for learning. Partying and dating.
    And murder.

    When investigative journalist Kevin Gibson lets his cousin, a former cop, talk him into
    looking into a student's disappearance at Tremont University, he gets more than he
    bargained for. A former student — injured in a brutal attack two years ago and in a coma
    — may hold a critical piece of information that can solve the mystery. Meanwhile, an
    attractive coed continues to hide a very dark secret.

    Tremont junior Brett Duncan is determined to find out what happened to his best friend,
    who's gone missing. Along with his girlfriend Ciera Kindle, Brett is drawn into a cunning
    world few know exist — a conspiracy involving faculty, students, and some well-
    connected people in high places.

    Beneath the campus’ Hallmark-card exterior lie many secrets, and a pulse-racing
    mystery with plenty of chills along the way.


                       "A new talent to be reckoned with."
                                            - Midwest Book Review

                       "Swift, unfussy, and highly visual."
                                            - Bookgasm

                       "Heart-pounding suspense...the thrills of a young James Patterson."
                                            - Troy Cook, The One Minute Assassin

                       "Enough intrigue and mystery to hold you spellbound."

                                            - Bookideas

 Jeffrey Leever

There is never a dull moment or drawn-out scene within this book....Jeffrey Leever is definitely an author to keep
your eye on if you are a lover of the mystery and suspense genre!"
       - Cafe of Dreams

The University will keep you on the edge of your seat….Jeffrey Leever is an amazing author. I look forward to
reading more of his work.
       - Poetic Monthly Magazine

Movies seem like a natural reference point for The University, not only because it is so informed by them, but also
because it reads like one: swift, unfussy, and highly visual.
       - Bookgasm: Reading Material to Get Excited About

Jeffrey Leever weaves an eerie occult tale in The University that has some terrific surprises in store for readers.
He moves from viewpoint to viewpoint, giving out small clues from different perspectives....This story has some
edge-of-your-seat and "wow" moments, some expected but some totally startling. Occult practices have a lot to
offer as fodder for fiction and Leever definitely has a good imagination for plot and its requisite twists and turns.
       - FreshFiction

Jeffrey Leever has written a suspense novel that's chock-full of mystery, unusual twists and turns, all in a setting
we can relate to. It is amazing how he has interlaced the intrigue of his novel into a page turner that will not allow
a reader the luxury of putting it down. It keeps tugging at you to read one more page. If you enjoy a suspenseful
and intriguing novel with a mystery you can’t figure out, you will enjoy The University by Jeffrey Leever.

       - Bookpleasures.com

The story that is uncovered is one that is terrifying and unbelievable. Not only are students involved in the horrors
but also even some of the faculty is involved. The University is a fascinating mystery that will keep the reader
guessing every step of the way.

Jeffrey Leever’s previous book Dark Friday introduced Kevin Gibson and was an excellent read. Each book is a
stand-alone but both well worth reading.
       - Booksnbytes.com


Check out the Dark Friday YouTube trailer here.Image

    Welcome to Jasonville, Indiana — a town of one zip code, one high school, one cop
    car…and one terrifying autumn night. A young man is arrested for a series of murders,
    but police deputy Lorraine Barrett and Chief Bertrand Rix sense there could be a more
    disturbing explanation lurking in their town.

    Jasonville High student Casey Wood doesn’t know why the cops have their eye on him.
    As his friends’ secrets are revealed,Casey’s world begins to unravel. Will the courage
    of stabbing survivor Hope Redmond prompt him to do the right thing?

    Investigative reporter Kevin Gibson isn’t thrilled about being dispatched to Jasonville.
    Then unsettling events make clear to him there’s more to the story than first meets the

    When Lorraine, Chief Rix, and Kevin start digging, they realize that a killer (or killers)
    might still be at large. But to uncover the truth, they’ll have to convince young friends to
    turn against each other, and put their own lives on the line.

M O R E  R E V I E W S:
"The book starts out with a bang and moves rapidly. Calling it a page-turner would seem almost cliché and could not
really describe the speed at which I read this book. I started it at lunchtime and finished it before bedtime. If real life
had not interfered...I would have finished much sooner. This is the first book I read by this author but I am looking
forward to reading his other works."

        - MyShelf Reviews 

"Leever does an exceptional job telling the story back and forth through time. He skips from the murders to the past
to the present investigation with an even, smooth flow that adds to the tension of the story. The reader is never very
sure of the direction the plot may take, a suspenseful trick of the writing. Leever is able to alter his writing style to
meet the pace of the tale, from telling the background of the story in flowing prose to short staccato sentences of
action or effective dialogue. The characters are deftly drawn, their personalities and motivations are outlined in stark,
black marker but filled in with the colors and hues of a talented writer."

        - FrontStreet Reviews


   And the buzz about Dark Friday finds its way into some interesting places...

   Dark Friday's cover design and storyline caught the attention of Paintball 2Xtremes magazine.
   The March 2008/Collector's Edition issue featured Dark Friday among the new product
   releases of note (on p. 26.)

"Jeffrey Leever is an artful, emerging force."
       - Iloveamysterynewsletter.com

Dark Friday is an excellent mystery."
       - Bestsellersworld.com

"Leever’s characters are well grounded with dead-on dialog and plausible action.  The story’s time shifts reveal bits
and pieces of both action and character that whet the reader’s appetite for explanation. The rural Indiana setting is
well drawn, becoming an integral part of the story. Dark Friday is a satisfying read for those who enjoy a pulse racing
page turner."

       - Linda Carrell, Parkside Books newsletter

"I found it to be fun, but then I was prepped for nothing more....Leever deserves good graces for injecting more of a
mystery angle into his story, whereas most would have gone for straight horror. He also earns extra points for a
reveal that doesn’t quite turn out how one would expect."
        - Bookgasm

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