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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

       - The University (2009) -

Alternate cover designs:
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Guest blogs for various Mystery websites:
"Occult Crime, College Campuses, and Why I Wrote The University" @ MurderShop

"Dark Chocolate & Dark Mystery" @ Allie's Musings

"On Bad Dreams" @ Minding Spot

"Things They Don’t Teach Writers in College"
 @ Murder By 4

Author interviews:
@ Novel Works

@ In Reference to Murder

@ Marilyn's Musings

@ Author Exchange

Other extras for The University will be added as they become available.

            - Dark Friday (2007) -

ImageStories Behind the Names
A compilation for those who ask, "Hey, how did you come up with the name for..."

Commentary, Chapter 1
Including an Introduction with the Story Behind the Writing of Dark Friday

Commentary, Chapters 2 - 6

Commentary, Chapters 7 - 12

Commentary, Chapters 13-18

Commentary, Chapters 19-25

Commentary, Chapters 26-32

Commentary, Chapters 33-36 & Epilogue

Deleted Scenes

Alternate Cover Concepts

Publisher's Overview & Introduction

Explore the real Jasonville (1, 2), Greene County (1, 2), and Shakamak State Park (1, 2).

View the official Dark Friday book trailer:

Or check out one of the fan-created trailers:

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